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AISW Oriole of the Month: March 2022

AISW Orioles of the Month: March 2022

Congratulations to Mrs. Mcallister, our certified Oriole of the month for March. Mrs. Mcallister is our AISW Instructional Coach. She works alongside our teachers to ensure they have the tools they need each day to support all studets in their class and to ensure the lessons they plan each day are highly engaging and effective. Mrs. Mcallister also has a huge role in making sure all students at AISW are well cared for and loved. She goes above and beyond to make sure this is happenings not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. Mrs. Mcallister works to form positive realtionsips with countless students daily, but also has organized many opportunities at our building so that other adults in the building can be Champions for many other students at West. Her daily work reaches far beyond the walls of her office, as she is truly planting seeds that are growing in places and spaces all around West and Avon in students and adults alike. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Bick our support staff of the month for March. She goes above and beyond each day at AISW. No matter what you ask of Mrs. Bick she always says yes. She is truly ALL IN for ALL KIDS. She works so hard each day to ensure all of her students are learning, engaged, held to high expectations and enjoying their learning all at the same time. She lets each student know that she cares so much about them. We are so thankful to have Mrs. Bick at West each day. 

Thank you Mrs. Mcallister and Mrs. Bick for being ALL IN for ALL KIDS @ AIS West! 

Congratulations to our AISW March Orioles of the Month! 

Thank you to Tropical Smoothie Cafe and BJ's Restaurant for helping us to recognize each of these staff members for their dedication to making a difference for our students!