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Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

students walking into school

Safety is our #1 Priority!

Morning Car Rider Line Procedures

  • Students may be dropped off at 7:15 am at door 1.
  • Parents please pull in one of the five lanes (similar to a car wash) and alternate lanes pulling to the front of the building. Please pull all the way forward to the front ORANGE cone. We will have staff out front helping to direct traffic.
  • Once all cars have pulled all the way forward and are along the curb, please have your child exit the PASSENGER side of the car.
  • Students will enter the building and wait inside until 7:20 am and will then be dismissed to class.
  • Please do NOT park and walk students in across the parking lot. All parents and students must stay in their cars until you reach the front sidewalk to exit the car.

Afternoon Car Rider Line Procedures

  • west drop-off pick-up map
    Dismissal will begin at 2:15pm @ door 1.
  • Parents please line up in your car as you did for morning car rider line—Use the five lines to line up and wait for dismissal.
  • Please take turns and alternate pulling forward from the five lanes.
  • Pull all the way forward along the curb to the front ORANGE cone. Once cars are stopped on the curb, we will begin calling for students.
  • Please make sure your car rider sign (student name and car rider number) is hanging from your rearview mirror. If you do not have a car rider tag, please write your student's first and last name on a paper and place it in your windshield at dismissal.
  • A staff member will walk by and call into the school with your assigned number.
  • A staff member inside will have your child walk outside to your car.
  • All students need to enter their car on the passenger side.
  • Please do not exit your car or park your car for any reason. All students must be picked up via the car rider line. We will not be able to dismiss students to parents whom have parked and walking up. 

ACSC Transportation Department

If you have questions or if your or someone you know would be interested in employment opportunities, please contact the ACSC Transportation Department.

Hours of Operation
Summer: M-F, 7:30 am-4:00 pm
School Year: M-F, 5:30 am-5:00 pm

Contact Info
p: (317) 544-6140
f: (317) 544-6141

ACSC Transportation Center
255 South Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 4123

What if a route is cancelled?

  • If Avon Schools cannot provide bus transportation, parents will be asked to provide transportation or the student will be marked excused in their attendance  
  • If we cannot provide transportation in the morning, evening transportation will not be provided either.
  • Avon Schools will alert you through ParentSquare if transportation is not available. Our goal is to be in touch at least an hour before the first scheduled pick up.
  • Parents should update their pick-up lists to include trusted adults who may be required to pick up their child after school.